Wednesday, September 9, 2009

SharePoint - Hide Custom List Fields

From time to time you will need to hide fields on a custom list form page (NewForm.aspx, DisplayForm.aspx, or EditForm.aspx) This can be accomplished by using a Content Editor Web Part and so Javascript as show above.

In order to add a CEWP to the Custom List Form page, go to your list and click on the New button. You will see in the address bar that the address is 'http://sitename/list/listname/NewForm.aspx, add ?toolpaneview=2 on the end so that your url looks like this: 'http://sitename/list/listname/NewForm.aspx?toolpaneview=2

This will bring you to the edit mode of the page. Add a CEWP and the javascript as shown above. In the "hideFields" function replace the variable of "Title" with the display name of the field you wish to hide. If you have a requirement where you need to hide more than one field, simply copy the lines and paste the line as shown below:

function hideFields() {
var control = findacontrol("Title");"none";

control = findacontrol("Next Field to Hide");"none";

And there you have it, hiding fields on a custom list form page.

Note: Make sure the fields you are hiding are not required*

Hope this helps!!


SharePoint - Hide Quick Launch

In some cases you may need to hide the quick launch on a single page without effecting your entire site, masterpages, etc... Since in-line css is referenced last when the site is rendered, this can be accomplished using a content editor web part (CEWP) and a little css.

To do this simply do the following:
  1. Add a CEWP to your page

  2. Open the Modify Shared Web Part Tool Pane

  3. Click on the Source Editor Button

  4. Add the following CSS

Click Save and you should now see that the Quick Launch is hidden.

Hope this helps!!